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This site has many fun pages, all dedicated to the lofts.  Just click on theTucson Lofts page and a new, more extensive menu will appear. 

From there you can see Lofts for SaleLoft Photos, Loft Videos, news articles and press, and even some Lofts for rent  (when available).

You will also find a specific page on each of the loft projects with more information about those specific lofts: Ice House Lofts, Indigo Modern Lofts, Barrio Metalico Lofts, Culli di Arte Lofts adn Dos Pedros

If you want immediate information about lofts currently available for sale  in the Realtor database and any pocket listings (lofts not yet for sale in the local real estate database) please email me (tonyrbaker@aol.com) or call me on my cell phone at (520) 631-TONY (8669).

What is a "pocket listing"? Sometimes there are lofts and condo's not available yet to the public.  Many times, the loft owners let me know in advance that they will be selling their loft in the future.  The loft has not been posted to the Realtor's MLS database, so other brokers and agents would not know about them.

My intention for this website is to focus on lofts and condo's in Tucson, including any modern homes that are contemporary and unique.  I say that because I have a few websites, each dedicated to different areas of real estate. 

For example, MyGreenTucson.com, which focuses on homes with green features and the green lifestyle.  You may have come here from there. : )

Or try 4thAveTucson.com for more information about the cool places to shop and eat on and near Fourth Avenue.  4th Avenue is part one of the light rail destinations so I have a map there to show you homes for sale near Fourth Ave, Downtown Tucson and the light rail.

A loft, meaning a kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom all in one open living space.  Some lofts have a floating room above. The Ice house lofts and the Barrio Metalico lofts are great examples.

Some of the lofts are considered to be town homes because they are side by side with no unit above or below.  Ice House Lofts have three units that are town homes.

Ice house lofts, loft for sale Tucson Az green Realtor light rail

Other lofts are considered to be condos because they are side by side and there are units above and below each other.  The Ice House Lofts have some known as condos as well as the Academy lofts.

There are many condominium projects that were built as condos or converted from apartment complexes. They usually have separate rooms and many are very nice.  I can certainly help you with these types of homes as well.

Finally, there are also lofts identified as single family residences or SFR's.  They are not connected to another unit and have their own land.  The Barrio Metalico Lofts, the Indigo Modern Lofts,  the Dos Pedros Lofts and the Culla di Arte Lofts are good examples of SFR Lofts.

Ice house lofts, loft for sale Tucson Az green Realtor Arizona light rail

This site has several fun pages dedicated to the lofts.  Just click on the Tucson Lofts page and a new menu will appear.  From there you can see Loft Photos, Loft Videos, news articles and press on some the lofts.  There is also a specific page on each of the loft projects with more information about those specific lofts.

I am out of the office usually during the day, Tony Ray Baker Realtor Tucson lofts condos loft green Real Estateshowing homes or  at home inspections etc., so please call me on my cell phone
(520) 631-TONY (8669)

Enjoy the site,  Tony Ray Cool

Loft and Modern Homes Specialist
uson Real Estate

(Most of the photos on this page were taken at the Ice House Lofts, expect the weird one with the Iguana, thats me)

Tucson Light Rail-Modern Streetcars Some of the lofts are located near the new light rail which will have 8 modern streetcars. When it gets close to launch time, I will post more about Tucson's modern streetcar and light rail info on this site. Streetcar Updates
Feel free to call me now if you want to know more about the Tucson light rail and whats happening today.

More info at 4thAveTucson.com about the Tucson Light Rail and Modern Streetcar project.



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