Sell Your Tucson Loft with Tony Ray
Sell Your Tucson Loft with Tony Ray

Yes, you can sell your home in todays market. Priced right and staged well, homes are selling. Usually I have a waiting list for lofts due to high demand. Buyers want them but there are not many available. One of the lofts sold before I put it into MLS because I had a buyer waiting to write an offer and this happens often. If you are interested in a loft please make contact with me so I can connect you to your new perfect home.

Some of the photos on this page are of one the Ice House lofts. We painted and staged this loft to prepare it for professional photoshoot. It was an all white and a vacant home so it needed a little color; we added green and orange accent walls for interest and furnishings to make the space feel larger. Our staging attracted many buyers and we sold it quickly.

The services a realtor can provide really make all the differnce between a home that sells quickly for top dollar or sits on the market eventually recieving low offers.

Below is a list of some of the services I specialize in:

We Have Proven Methods to Sell Your Loft Fast and For the Right Price
We Have Proven Methods to Sell Your Loft Fast and For the Right Price

Professional Painting and Staging

I have experience in staging and know many ways and techniques that actually work to show your home at its best. This can only be learned from trial and error and experience. With over 20 years of hands on realaste experince in Tucson, I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way.


I arrange a professional photoshoot of the home to create the best looking MLS advertisement, flyers and social media posts. A good photograph can say a thousand words. In this day of online shopping, photos are now even more important than ever. We often get inquiries from buyers who already know they like a home just from the photos.

Over 80% of all buyers use an internet source prior to meeting a Realtor. Our extensive and effective marketing program includes major Internet exposure. We showcase your home on over 1,000 of the top real estate websites and search engines

Connected on the Online Market

Downtown Connected
Downtown Connected

With the beautiful photos I create social media and blog posts and broadcast them on all of our online platforms. I have a facebook, twitter, and instagram acount that have built networks of thousands of local and global real people. In addition I have built high traffic websites, like this one that I share new listings and other relevent local Tucson information. These kinds of social channels take years of hardwork and dedication to build up and is an example of another one of our unique services.

The Latest Marketing and Advertising

We use the newest, interactive, viral marketing (unknown to most Realtors) and of course, custom, full color photo information sheets for drive-by shoppers.

We build a full website and a mobile website for your home with it’s own unique URL and even create a text messaging service to connects buyers with instant infomation on their phones about your listing.


darren-jones-tucson-loft-condo-realtorI work with a team of people who help with every aspect of loft, condo and home buying and selling. My business partner Darren and I are able provide great service because of the support of our teammates.


We provide an expert consultation to price your home effectively. With over 20 years of realestate experince in Tucson, specializing in the downtown area and in Tucson lofts I am able to price competively while still maximizing return.

Superb Negotiating

Myself and Darren will negotiate on your behalf as if your money was our own.

Prompt Call Backs to your Questions and Concerns

Punctual, open communication builds trust and longevity. Being prompt is something of great value.

Up-to-date Information on the Market

Get Up to the Minute Info to Help Sell Your Loft
Get Up to the Minute Info to Help Sell Your Loft

Sometimes I know of listings that are not yet on the market and other insider information about new projects in Tucson. Please contact me to share your needs and desires so I can have you in mind if something comes up!


When you are ready, mysef, Darren and our team will be there, offering you all of the exceptional and exclusive services necessary to help with your home selling process.


If you would like to know what your home is worth, we will email you a preliminary evaluation at no cost or obligation to you. And no one will try to sell you anything. I love my work because I enjoy helping people, not selling people. Rather than just another Realtor, I think of myself as more of a match maker. I like to match the buyer’s situation with the seller’s situation so both the buyer and seller are happy. This builds trust, loyalty and strong working relationships.

If you’d like an estimate or have any question you can fill out the form below and we will email you within one business day or you call me and I’d be happy to personally assist you.

Thanks for your time,
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