Image Your Life in the Wonderful Loft Communities Near Downtown Tucson
Imagine Your Life in the Wonderful Loft Communities Near Downtown Tucson

Tucson Arizona Lofts Communities are often comprised of homes that feature a kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom all in one open living space. Some lofts have a floating room above. The Ice House lofts and the Barrio Metalico lofts are great examples of wonderful loft communities.

Is that Tucson Arizona Loft a condo, townhome or single family residence?

Some of the lofts are considered to be townhomes because they are side by side with no unit above or below. Ice House Lofts have three units that are townhomes.

Other lofts are considered to be condos because they are side by side and there are units above and below each other. The Ice House Lofts have some known as condos as well as the Academy Lofts.

There are many condominium projects that were built as condos or converted from apartment complexes. They usually have separate rooms and many are very nice. I can certainly help you with these types of homes as well.

Finally, there are also lofts identified as single family residences or SFR’s. They are not connected to another unit and have their own land. The Barrio Metalico Lofts, the Indigo Modern Lofts, the Dos Pedros Lofts, Canciones and the Culla di Arte Lofts are good examples of SFR Lofts.

If you’re like me, you will like all of the Tucson Arizona Lofts. All of them contemporary and each unique.

Tucson Loft Communities

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New York style lofts, Tucson prices... Ice House Lofts Take the old Arizona Cold Ice Storage building, remodel it and create 51 loft style homes *...

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Culla Di Arte Lofts For Sale

The name Culla di Arte (Crescent of Art) was inspired by K Bear Koss. In fact, David Henkel commissioned K Bear Koss to paint...

44 Broadway Condos For Sale

The 44 Broadway Condos, located at 44 E Broadway in Downtown Tucson, is a unique Tucson loft penthouse property that is in a multipurpose...