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Buyers in Tucson, AZ.Did you ever have one of those times where you know what you want to say but it just doesn’t come out the way you want it to? The text below is just that.

To me it sounds too dry and factual. But I think you need the info. I will try to rewrite it, but for now, excuse the lack of personality below.

And …

Buying a home today couldn’t be easier. There are many different loans available to help you. You just have to know what’s available and how to use the loan when negotiating your offer with the seller.

Did you know?

  • There are loans that allow you to buy a home with no money down.
  • An FHA loan requires only 31/2 % down payment.
  • Another loan only requires 3% down payment
  • One loan has no mortgage insurance
  • VA loans are no money down
  • There is a rural housing loan for homes outside of the city
  • Some loans allow the seller to pay your closing costs

Ice House Loft 122

Loft Home Loans

All that said, lets talk about loans for the Ice House Lofts vs the other lofts (Barrio Metalico, Indigo Modern, Dos Pedros, Culla di Arte and the others).

Most of the loft projects are considered SFR’s (single familiy residences) and work with most loan types. The Ice House Lofts project is the exception.

The Ice House Lofts are considered condos. Investors really pulled back on condo loans after the market crash. So, it is difficult but not impossible to get a loan for a loft at the Ice House Lofts. Knowing which lender to call is imperative. I know of two that have been very successful with helping my clients purchase a loft at the Ice House Lofts.

As your Realtor and Buyers Representative, I provide many valuable services needed to effectively represent you.

These services include: strong negotiating skills, prompt call backs to your questions and concerns, expert knowledge about the real estate and the Tucson market, and a valuable one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs.

You’ll see homes listed for sale with other brokers as well as RE/MAX Select. You’ll also have an enjoyable, relaxing experience. See Tucson Lofts for Sale now.

Call me at (520) 631-TONY (8669)

Always here to help,
Tony Ray

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Loft Buyers Can Relax in Their Beautiful, Spacious Loft
Loft Buyers Can Relax in Their Beautiful, Spacious Loft

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