Downtown Tucson is the place to be if you live in the Old Pueblo.  The trouble is getting there!  Then, once you’re there you have to worry about parking downtown and planning your night with all the different bars, nightclubs, and museums to visit.  Wouldn’t it be better if you could just have Downtown Tucson in your backyard? Well, now you can, thanks to downtown Tucson lofts!

Downtown Tucson Lofts: How Do I Find Loft Apartments Near Downtown Tucson?

You’ve come to the right place!  I am intimately involved in the rapid development occurring in Downtown Tucson and I have the insider information that you need to find the perfect loft apartment for you.  In fact, I have so many clients waiting for these extremely desirable loft apartments that I’ve created a “Pocket List” of extremely motivated buyers.

When I learn of a new loft apartment or condo coming to the market, I send a message to these motivated buyers first, before anyone else knows these homes are even available.  Many times, my team and I have been able to put loft buyers in loft apartments before the loft is even for sale!

Get on my “Pocket List” today so you’ll have access to the newest Loft Apartments for Sale near Downtown Tucson!

    Downtown Tucson Lofts: Which Loft Apartments are Near Downtown Tucson?

    There are a host of loft apartments and condos in and around Downtown Tucson.  Follow below as I explore each loft community in depth:

    Ice House Lofts

    The flagship for loft projects in Downtown Tucson and the surrounding areas, the Ice House Lofts are a wonderful community of floating-floor loft apartments right outside of Downtown Tucson.  Not only to you get a spacious, split-level home to call your own, but a short walk outside finds you in the middle of Downtown Tucson.  It truly is the best of both worlds!

    Dos Pedros Lofts

    Similar to the Ice House Lofts (they were designed by the same architect, Rob Paulus), the sexy and sophisticated Dos Pedros Lofts are a community of loft apartments that have all the comfort and trappings of a home.  This is the perfect options for someone looking for a loft home instead of a loft apartment.

    44 E Broadway

    One of my favorite projects, the condos at 44 E Broadway are spectacular Downtown loft apartments in the vain of a New York Loft.  Soaring ceilings, expansive windows, and custom everything makes 44 E Broadway the more posh option for Downtown Tucson Lofts.

    Barrio Metallico

    Completing our quartet of Downtown Loft Apartments is Barrio Metallico, an adorable loft community comprised of spacious, two-floor lofts homes.  The big benefit is your own yard and carport, solving the largest complaint of lofts, storage.  This is another great example of a loft apartment that is better described as a loft home.

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