Finding Your Decorating Style for Small Spaces in Your Tucson Loft

The Ice House Lofts are Perfect Examples of Industrial Modern Lofts in Tucson
The Ice House Lofts are Perfect Examples of Industrial Modern Lofts in Tucson

The first step to decorating your small space is to find out your decorating style. So what are you?

  • Contemporary?
  • Traditional?
  • Transitional?
  • French Country?
  • Rustic?
  • Industrial?
  • Mid-century modern?
  • Coastal?
  • Cottage?
  • Eclectic?
  • flooded and confused?

If you Google “how to seek out your style of decorating,” a myriad guides come flying at you promising to assist you in pinpointing your distinctive style. I do know myself all right, but you wouldn’t know it from some of those questions… I received a rather totally different decorating style conclusion on all of those quizzes.

Some told me I liked Traditional American, others directed me towards a more Mid-century modern style. In one questionaire, I was found to be eclected, and another determined i needed to live on the coast.

Quizzes that ask your favorite lipstick color, favorite dog, ideal drink, and ideal vacation, aren’t essentially reaching to get to the foundation of your decoration style! Another aspect to consider is that the majority people are a healthy mixture of many of the different styles. Finally, unless we tend to live alone, you’ll be usually decorating with many personalities and designs in mind!

So let’s approach the question from a different angle. Initially, lets outline what a number of these designs seem like these days, then explore ways in which to pinpoint how your distinctive (family’s) decorating style fits into the combo.

But Before I begin shaping these concepts, I ought to add a disclaimer that each one of those definitions are definitely up for discussion. I’m reaching to do my best to outline the designs as I see them, but I’m sure there will be those who disagree. That’s great!  I love a good discussion!  Contact Us today to find out how your decorating style can fit inside a beautiful new Downtown Tucson Loft for Sale!

More Styles Coming Soon! Check back regularly.