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Whether you are old or young, more and more people in Tucson are being drawn to Downtown Tucson. It isn’t really surprising, any time a city has installed a train, subway, or light rail, the results have been the same.


10 years ago, you would drive through Tucson as fast as you could and hoped nobody would throw something at your car. Not that you would normally see anyone walking on the street and certainly no diners or shoppers. People have been trying to get a revitalization project off the ground for thirty years.

Flash forward to today. Tucson has dozens of wonderful restaurants, shops, nightclubs, festivities, and soon a new 5th avenue shopping district. By the way, the Julian Drew Condos are a great add-on as well.

The Condos offer a most affordable way to own a piece of downtown. Go and enjoy the connected lifestyle and chip in to the ownership of this historic revitalization. Also, let’s also not forget that with the new light rail you are connected to University Avenue, 4th avenue, and the Mercado. Also all of the events, festivities and fairs that occur within this corridor.

My intention, for this website, is to focus on lofts and condo’s in Tucson, including any modern homes that are contemporary and unique. I say that because I have a few websites. Each are dedicated to different areas of real estate.

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