Keep Your Loft Light & Airy

If your space is tiny or doesn’t receive abundant natural lighting, it’s going to produce a claustrophobic feel. You almost certainly cannot raise the ceilings or reconfigure the windows, however you’ll be able to take decorating steps to bring forth a little more light and lend and ethereal atmosphere to any space. Lightweight colours, natural finishes and a couple of properly chosen pieces of furniture will make your loft light and airy!

Light Colors

Keep Your Loft Light & Airy
Keep Your Loft Light & Airy

You probably already recognize that lighter colours produce a sense of calm. Of course, that does not mean you’re restricted to white on your walls and furnishings. If you favor a neutral decorating theme, paint the walls in a hot sand, cream or even the palest taupe you can find!

If you wish for a bit more additional color, paint the walls with the softest of blues or a buttery yellow. For a softer, more feminine look, contemplate pale lavender or a neutral pink. Pro Tip: Keep the design contemporary and ethereal with white trim!

Windows and Floors

Simple, sheer window coverings produce the sunshine and ethereal feeling you would like. If privacy may be a concern, use a white roll-up blind that pulls down in the dark, and canopy it with white curtains in an exceedingly light-weight, sheer material in a straightforward pattern.

Hardwood or laminate floors help a space look larger. You can also select a pastel carpet if you favor a soft surface. If your space has tile or vinyl flooring, soften it with a well-placed floor covering in colours that complement your walls.


If your space is tiny, size your furnishings to create the open feeling you’re looking for. Explore ethereal materials like wicker, rattan, or pastel wood for your piece of furniture. These have a natural feel that produces a relaxed space.

Do not overwhelm the house with a bunch of items. Keep to the fundamentals for the room’s functions. Always remember, less is more in small spaces.

Love Your Loft

However you decorate, be sure to love your space! Your loft is a reflection of you, and you can make it anything you want.  Want to find a Tucson Loft for Sale to call your own?  Looking for some more decorating ideas?  Give me a call at (520) 631-TONY!